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    Unhappy Master Brake Failure !!!

    Hello, Has anyone or does anyone have a master brake cylinder failure due to a Delco-Moraine hydraulic piston push rod, breaking the C clip that is in the master cylinder that stops the hydraulic piston in the brake cylinder. This happened in my 65 G.P. Any info appreciated. Thanks, Ted.

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    I'd swap the single out for the dual master.... Order the master cyl for a 67 Bonneville and split the tubing to dedicated front and rear lines..

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    Thanks Jeff, I found out by talking to 2 brake booster rebuilders and a well known Pontiac parts supplier that there is a problem with the brake cyl. rebuilder Cardone using the wrong "C" clips. Contacted Cardone with no definiteve ans. yet.

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    Ted, if it's the single unit I'd swap it to the dual...

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    Thanks Jeff may do that after I hear from Cardone...

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    Jeff, Do you have a Delco Moraine number for the dual master cylinder? Thanks Ted
    Last edited by uscg; January 10th, 2016 at 11:49.

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    Cardone replaced the defected master cyl and rebuilt my power booster due to the damage done by the master cyl. So for so good. Kudose to Cardone.....
    Last edited by uscg; December 13th, 2016 at 11:40.

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    Kudose, not cudose. Ted

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    Thaks ????????????????

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