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Thread: Smokin!

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    Default Smokin!

    In my '69 GP (400-4bbl) Making the trip back from the fall Pontiac car show at the museum in Pontiac, IL...noticed white smoke from the exhaust when I let up on the pedal on the hwy. Low on oil when I got home. Valve prob, right? Also started backfiring? Ideas??

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    White smoke is usually coolant and blue is oil but it may have just looked white to you. Valve guides/seals could be your problem. The back firing could be fouled plugs. I would have a compression test and if that doesn't show anything a leak down test performed. If the engine has a lot of miles on it fixing the top end will usually lead to bottom end problems showing up after. Prepare for an overhaul.

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    Also could be a bad transmission vacuum modulator...

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