OHC6 Pontiac 66-69 4 barrel. Your choice of 230 or 250 crankshaft. Compression ratio of 7.5 to 11.5 to one. Three different heads available. Rebuildable bone $1,200.00 for automatic and $1,400.00 for clutch model. I machine and rebuild $3.000.00 and $3,200.00. I run +.125 over, a 327 Piston and crankshaft was stroked 3 cubes to get 269 cubes. Yours can too! Engine is in a 66 ElCamino that gets 39 MPG highway only. I pass half the cars and gas stations on the road. It has a 37% overdrive and a 2:41 rear end. Borg Warner T5's and Saginaw 4 speeds available. 775 727 0881 More rare than Model A and T engines. New and used parts available. T5 advice and video in the works.