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  1. Default Steering Wheel Removal - '48 Streamliner

    Hello Good Pontiac People!
    I've got a '48 Streamliner Deluxe Sedan that needs a new steering wheel. I found an original that is in better condition than what I currently have but cannot get the old one off. The manual calls for the J-452 puller, which are non existant (!). I have tried the claw type pullers and all other types with no success. The project is at a standstill and I am hoping someone can provide info and guidance on how to proceed with removal. I realize it's going to be tough getting the old on off that has been there for 67 years. Thank you in advance.

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    The Steering Wheel Pullers of the day back then were much different than todays.
    I wish I had one too.
    Recently there was a Snap On Steering Wheel Puller Sold on Ebay.
    See the picture attached to the different form adapters as well as the sold listing.
    Using the picture you might be able to construct what you need to accomplish the job.

    [URL=" =p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=s9V9tb0PiM%252FnFyORZn Wohj5iV80%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc"]

    Good Luck

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    If you have not gotten the steering wheel off yet go to Second Chance Garage web site

    They have a detailed description with good photos of what to do.

    This is a very good web site for a lot of old car stuff.

    I have also heard the old timers talk about getting a steering wheel off by loosening the nut on the center of the wheel a few threads. Then have someone pull up on the wheel with constant pressure. Another person gives the nut a good wack down with a hammer. Make sure you leave the nut on or else the wheel will come off and smack the person pulling up in the face. Besides a trip to the ER you may also loose a friend that way.

    let us know when you get it off and how things worked out.


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