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    Default 25th Anniversary TA production info......

    Just thought I'd pass along a little 25th Anniversary TA knowledge to everyone...Hope you enjoy!!

    Production of the 25th Anniversary TA was announced on Jan 7, 1994.

    It would be built on the highly contented Trans Am GT package (RPO #-Y83 for coupes and Y84 for convertible), and also sported a bright white interior with "25th Trans Am" embroidery on the front seatbacks and door panels.

    The 25th Trans am paid tribute to the first 1969 Trans Am by keeping a white with blue stripe color scheme. The blue center stripe made it very reminiscent of the 1970 Trans Am too. Other exterior styling cues included the gray 25th door decals, blue Trans Am door badging, and specific 16" 5 spoke white wheels with the anniversary decal on the center cap. In order to get the 25th Anniversary package RPO #-B71 would have to be chosen at time of ordering, and the buyer would have to pony-up an additional $995 over the price of the Trans Am GT.

    The 25th TA would also carry on Pontiacs long standing tradition of serving as the pace car for the 1994 Daytona 500.

    Production numbers break down as follows:

    1750 - Total

    338 - Hardtop

    1412 - T-top (CC1=$895)

    128 - Manual 6spd (MN6)

    1622 - Auto (MX0=$775)

    879 - Cassette (UT6=$350)

    871 - CD Player (UP3=$226)

    250 - Total

    0 - Manual 6spd (MN6)

    250 - Auto (MX0=$775)

    51 - Cassette (UT6=$350)

    199 - CD Player (UP3=$226)

    Auto/Hardtop/Cassette- 254
    Auto/T-top/Cassette- 600
    Auto/Hardtop/CD player- 68
    Auto/T-top/CD player- 700
    Manual/Hardtop/Cassette- 4
    Manual/T-top/Cassette- 21
    Manual/Hardtop/CD player- 12
    Manual/T-top/CD player- 91

    Below you will see:

    a dealer invoice for a convertible

    photos the Daytona Pace Car

    and some press release photos

    1999 Mecham Trans Am
    1998 Firebird W68 conv
    1994 Trans Am conv
    1989 Trans Am
    1984 Trans Am

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    Good stuff. Would love to put some sort of anniv. Firebird in my garage some day.

    I always loved that signature photo of yours.

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