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    Default WTB: 1965 Pontiac Parisienne or 2+2 or Bonneville Convert or Build one?

    Way back in 1965 my dad bot a new '65 Parisienne convert, and I never forgot that car. In '78 he bot me a '67 2+2 Parisienne convert, 283pg. I'll save the story for elsewhere, but I'd like to relive my past, and I much prefer the '65 body style.

    I am hoping to find a survivor, as I don't have the expertise to restore a project, but if a resto shop has a candidate, I would consider having it built to my specs.

    Specs? Canadian car would need to be a 409 5 speed Tremec w factory (style) A/C and power windows, my dad's was white w blue, but I'm open to colors. I really don't want a rusty car, but how many converts survived north of the border?

    US car: Catalina 2+2 or Bonneville 421HO tri-power, (number matching doesn't matter), 5 speed tremec, factory (style) A/C, 8 luggers (I have a set I bot in 1979!), power windows etc. I saw a red red Bonny on eBay, and it sure is sweet, but seller is a flipper, and won't disclose rust PO told me about, and it's basically for sale for $10k more than it sold for at a Mecum auction last summer, so oh well, there are others, and I really prefer A/C and PW.

    Here's that car...

    and here's me in '66 on my new Royce Union bike, and the rust bucket '67 I drove all summer in '78 with my friend and his 2+2 w a 409!

    I can travel anywhere to get a car. I got to California yearly with a junkyard friend, and buy a diesel Suburban 4x4 and fill it w junk, and drive home. Our trip this past fall the Sub was junk, lost my deposit, but bot a sweet Mercedes an hour later w 421k, loaded it up, and cruised 5500 miles home!
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    Here's the Mercedes...

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    More Mercedes...

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