Not mine call POCI member Ron Chamnes at 618-559-2516. Ron is computer challenged so I am putting this up for him.

The interior consists of the following and is for the standard interior not the Ventura interior;

-new SMS door panels and seat fabric/morrokide including the embossed seat back panels (4) for
both the front and rear seats, and ribbed morrokide that goes on the back of the front seats
-new carpet
-new headliner
-NOS front and rear green floor mats
-possibly new package tray also I do not remember

The seat covers will have to be made up but sufficient material is there for "correct" covers both front and rear and for the rear ash wells.

I acquired these components for a car I was doing and then sold everything to Ron. Ron then sold the car but the buyer didn't want the green interior, so now Ron is selling the interior. Everything is brand new and will make into a gorgeous interior that would be striking in a black car IMO, or would go well in either a white or Silverleaf Green car. $1000 is a buy for this stuff and I would buy it back in a heartbeat at this price but I no longer have a '62 Catalina and do not plan to ever get another one.