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    Default 85 305 v8 water pump problem...strange one...

    Hey guys..i ussually ask about my 64 lemans convert, but today i was working on my 85 el camino 305...old water pump bearings noisy/ installed new pump...easy..
    ..let it ide to temp..10 min it started blowing steam by the lower rad hose at the clamp on new water pump...i let cool...tightened clamp extra did it again..
    was pushing water past clamp...but what was weird...there was no heat in always had good, now, sounds like a clog...but what can i check??...seems highly unlikely the t-stat just got stuck at this time..worked fine before...
    any suggestions??...thanks....need to get done before 28 degrees and 6 " snow starts
    coming by weds before t-giving day...too cold to lay on snow on ground...thanks for quick responses....happy Thanksgivng!!

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    Your engine most likely has an air pocket. Remove one of the heater hoses while you fill the radiator. Install hose when coolant comes out.

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