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    Default Paint color formulas for 1954

    I am looking for the paint color formulas for 1954 colors, Cirro Grey, Mayfair Blue and San Marino Blue. The paint on the car is not good enough to get a computer reading.

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    hi, i hope this information will help. duco color number 253-57267 cirro grey, 253-57576 mayfair blue, 281-57571 san marino blue, wheel colors are either 94-70186 black, or 94-2596R carteret red.

    charles l. coker
    1953 pontiac tech advisor
    tech advisor coordinator

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    Thanks Charles

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    If you go to, they not only have the color chip charts, they can supply the paint at a pretty reasonable price.

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    Old Duco numbers are virtually useless as are many of the old Alkyd Enamel and Nitrocellulous Lacquer Numbers.
    All the paints being sold today have new mixing colors to make them.
    The funny part is many, many colors are recycled through the years.
    None of the old numbers work because there is no product to make them.
    The best site I have found for Quick Reference is : www.PAINTREF.COM
    Please note they show the original codes and duco numbers but the only numbers to use are PPG that are currently available -under your 1954 page it also shows a Martin Senior number for one color that is NAPA's paint.
    PPG or Ditzler as it used to be known have kept a color library that goes back to the late 1920's when they lost previous numbers due to a fire.

    Here is the link page you need:

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