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    Default 1971 GT-37 Detailing

    I recently purchased a frame off restored 1971 GT-37. It is very correct, but I am working on improving a few detail items and have 2 questions.

    What is the correct color of the shifter ball on these GT-37's - I believe it is black, but mine has a white shifter ball?

    What is the correct placement of the Emission Decal. Mine is on the right side in front of the fan shroud, but vertical / not horizontal?

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    If you get no reply from the Forum in a few days - try a call or email to our GT-37 tech advisor:

    Clyde Rowley [ ]
    2222 Broad Oak Drive
    Bandera TX 78003 US
    Phone: 210-305-9277
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Default GT37 Detailing response

    Glad to hear your keeping another GT37 alive, yes your correct the shift ball was black and the emission decal is a rectangular decal that is located on the deck in front of the radiator in a flat spot that is the same size as the decal. This flat spot is directly in front of the upper radiator hose. It is also originated horizontally so you can read it from the front of the car. That is how it is on my GT37 and is also shown this way in the assembly manual. if I can help please call or text at 210-305-9277. Thanks Clyde

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