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    Default Please delete this thread....

    I put this same question on the HAMB yesterday and already have over 20 replies, and zero here, so in the future I'll just go there....
    Last edited by '50 Chief; September 4th, 2014 at 09:51.

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    I do not see where this question appeared here prior to this. Are you sure you actually put it here?

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    As to your previous post about coolant leaking, I saw 5 different replies before you complaining that there were no responses. Is it possible that you have a computer problem?

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    Dear 50scars,
    Sorry you got no replies here.
    I did view your video you posted here on youtube with your noise.
    I have heard a noise like this in the past but have been trying to remember what it was before I posted anything.
    HAMB forum gets much more traffic than this forum.
    Performance Years Forum gets far more traffic than this forum.
    As a member of the POCI Board of Directors I look to inform you our club is making every effort to expand our membership along with rebuilding our web site.
    Smoke Signals magazine is working on picking up the slack of other Pontiac Publications now gone out of business.
    Charlie Coker has taken over the job of Tech Advisor Coordinator to fill the vacancy we suffered when we lost Mike Nixon to Cancer.
    We need members to carry on anything about Pontiac or it will be lost.
    To say you will only look to HAMB does not help the Pontiac Hobby.
    When I need an answer I look everywhere and lots of times the answer you get helps another.
    Remember when they said years ago to not ask a question was the dumb thing to do.
    Don't be afraid to ask our list of POCI Tech Advisors who specialize in various years and areas of reapir.
    I hope your problem is solved and wish you many happy miles of driving pleasure.

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    It was 50s chief who made the post, I just anssered/

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