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    Default 54 Vane Power Steering Pump

    I am currently rebuilding a 54 Vane Power Steering Pump. I am having a problem finding the correct O rings for the rebuild. I discovered that the front O ring is an 047, but the correct rear O ring is still a mystery. I have tried a couple of O rings that were close with no success. I finally reinstalled the original O ring and the pump worked fine. I would just like to replace the 40-60 year old O ring with a new one.

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    sometimes you can find NOS power steering rebuld parts, gaskets, and o rings on ebay. if i should find some, i'll let you know.

    charles coker
    1953 pontiac tech advisor
    tech advisor coordinator

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    Default Correction

    Thanks Charles, I made a typo in my original post. The front O ring is an 037 instead of 047 as I had posted. The 037's are available locally.

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