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    Default Detroit Iron Factory Manual CD Review

    I purchased a copy of the Detroit Iron Information Systems Factory OEM Shop Manual CD for my 66 Pontiac Grand Prix from Ames Performance Engineering.

    I'm happy to report these are relatively high quality scanned copies of the original shop manuals in .pdf form.

    The 66 copy had both the full size cars and the Tempest in separate sections. They also include what I would call Illustrated Parts Breakdowns for 1963 up to 1975 models and then a separate 1963 to 1975 list of part numbers broken up by group codes. Chassis and AC systems are covered in separate manuals.

    I need to report the built in viewer management application would start but not run on my fancy Windows 8.1 laptop. It might be able to be made to run with some futzing with admin and/or compatibility mode, but I just drilled down into the directories and found the documents to launch with the built in Windows 8.1 .pdf viewer.

    The CD application ran fine on an XP system. The disc also includes scanned copies of dealer brochures and some nostalgic cultural tidbits from the year the CD covers.

    Overall a good deal for about $50.


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    FYI - the club has a full set of these CD's, they are being mailed to our new Tech Advisor coordinator, Charles Coker, this week. You can contact him for specific needs.
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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