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    Default Fuel Pump Replacement Hints?

    As part of a planned preventative maintenance I'm replacing all of the rubber hoses and the mechanical fuel pump in my 66 Pontiac GP w 389 (no AC).

    I note it has he original factory 12 point bolts. I'm not yet sure I even have a socket that will work with those.

    I understand the big challenge is getting the pushrod onto the pump lever during installation. All hints here appreciated.

    I'll be adding a fuel filter where there is currently none. Not even at the carb inlet.

    Any thing else that might bite me here?


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    In way of an update. Replaced all the rubber lines this past weekend. Cut in a fuel filter and had to fabricate a temporary bracket. Searched for pictures of the original OEM solution as the factory fuel filter was apparently deleted at either an engine rebuild that took place in the 80's or a carb conversion that took place early 2000.

    I decided to hold off on the actual pump replacement as a work interruption pushed the project out so I lost the shade (as in shade-tree mechanic). I decided bottom access wasn't going to cut it, it looks like the best bet is to remove the power steering pump and get at it from the top.

    If you have a Grand Prix with the 389 / 4 bbl / Dual exhaust and it has a factory fuel filter a picture would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Jeff,

    I used a metal can filter from NAPA that flows something like 6-8 GPM using 3/8" inlet and outlet.

    Interesting point about a return line. I note Ames performance lists return lines for the 66 GP, but I don't think the car currently has one. Good point about the Ethanol and the problems it causes. Yours is the first recommendation I've received to do something like that with an older car.

    As always, Thanks for your input,


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