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    Question Long Cranking - Hard Starts

    There has been some discussion on the reason for long cranking required to get the cars started. One reason is fuel evaporation from the fuel bowls on the Carter AFB. Given that Ethonol starts to evaporate at 120 degrees F it sounds like a good possibility. I compared the bowl vents on and edelbrock to the carter and found that edelbrock vents are 0.041" in diametewr while the Carter vents are 0.200 ". Has anyone tried to reduce the size of the vents on a Carter AFB to see if smaller bowl vents would help resolve the starting issue??

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    i let my 63 bonne crank to fill the carb, it also starts to pump oil since it sits for weeks.

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    I've put electric fuel pumps on all of my old 60s cars, inside the frame rail forward of the rear tire, and a toggle switch under the dash to turn them on and off. When I get in a car I flip the toggle and let the electric pump run until the tone changes which tells me the float bowl(s) are full. Then I turn the electric pump off and pump the accelerator pedal three times slowly and then turn the ignition key to start the car and bang, the engine starts. Until I did this I always had to grind the starter to allow the mechanical pump
    to fill the floats bowls. DBANDGB makes a good point in that turning the engine over will also fill the oil galleries.

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