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  1. Default 66 convertible fluid fill?

    Can someone please tell me how to top off the fluid for the convertible top. 66 Bonneville?

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    Topping off the fluid level in your pump is very easy. After you have placed a rag around the pump to catch any spills, with the top in the down position, remove the rubber plug that is located on the side of the pump. You can use a small flat head screwdriver and carefully pry around the plug until you can pull it out. You might hear a popping sound which is the pressure releasing from the pump. Most likely, the fluid that is already in the reservoir is automatic transmission fluid (ATF), therefore you will want to use ATF as opposed to nasty brake fluid. You can use a very small funnel, and fill the reservoir until fluid begins to run out. Or you can get a plastic bottle that is used to dispense mustard/ketchup at picnics. Next, with the plug still removed, run the top up and down about 3 times in order to purge any air bubbles. Replace the plug. You can insert the the small flat head screw driver into the hole of the plug and gently push it in, or, you can use a small wooden dowel which might not be as sharp, thus reducing the chance of damaging the plug.

    Good Luck.


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    Thank you, any idea how to remove the old hydro lifter? I'm having difficulty removing the bolt closest to the firewall

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