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    Question Wagons Only Chapter

    IS there a Wagons Only chapter of POCI, or possibly another club for owners of wagons ? I tried that professional and commercial chapter, but no wagons are included.

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    Rob, we DO include and welcome station wagons in the PCPV Chapter, see for details. I can send you a sample newsletter also if you wish, just let me know a mailing address. Thanks, Paul

    Here's the chapter charter:
    The PCPV Chapter, founded in 1998, is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, education and enjoyment of commercial and professional Pontiac, Oakland and GMC vehicles, past and present. These include: limousines, taxi cabs, hearses, police and fire cars, ambulances, sedan deliveries, station wagons, trucks, vans and SUVs. Pontiac and GMC produced military items and other special interest items are also included.

    The PCPV News is published six times a year by the Pontiac Commercial and Professional Vehicle Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI), a nonprofit organization.

    Dues are $20.00 per year (U.S. funds, $25.00 outside of U.S.) and are payable on January 1st. Note that membership in the Pontiac-Oakland Club, International (POCI) is a prerequisite for joining the PCPV Chapter.
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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