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    Default 4 speed transaxles?

    I have a 62 tempest 4 spd T/A hooked to a 215 V-8. A project starting point, will
    add a fiero front suspension to tube frame, Corvair trailing arms, etc. Not many of these T/As around I'm told. Rick

    Well maybe an explanation of the set up I have. A 215 mated to a 1962 Tempest 4 speed transaxle via a standard 215 straight drive bell housing, a longitudinal mid engine set up. I put it together just for the hell of it, not mounted in anything yet, but I was thinking an Indy type street car would be sorta cool, just for the hell of it. And not many 4 speeds were sold according to Pontiac info I got many years ago. Nothing special, just some old junk parts slapped together by an old shade tree idiot. Peace y'all. Rick
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