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Thread: new to forums

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    I'll confess I'm not very active in the fiero community. My 86 jumped timing, so I not driving one now. Have not been on any fiero forums either in a long time. The S.C. forum is very quiet too. Also, the wife bought me an 81 firebird as a gift & it will need some love($$$). It does run & drive, straight 6, automatic, T-Top car. So, of course, I had to pick up a 74 formula 350 along w/77&79 with 400's. All of my car projects are on hold till we get some home improvements completed & many yard projects weeded out. Been stripping a 73 GTO, body is rotted in half but the factory 400 & tranny are in place. And I think the tail lights might be ok.

    As for POCI furthering the fiero presents in the club, I think It'll take a dedicated person to really ramp up a column of sorts that can be run as space allows in the monthly rag. Many improvements have been made already & the club managers say they want all aspects of the Pontiac(& Oakland/GMC's) to be represent the largest population of our unique cars/trucks. I know Mr. Keefe is involved in about 100 venues of our club, but I'm sure he'd be happy to help flesh out a fact filled article that may only appear, say, every other issue. I'm sure y'all know the 'fiero" name was first used on a firebird concept car.
    Rambled on enough, one day, I'll get another fiero on the road. Peace. Rick
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    Well I hope you are correct. I was looking forward to seeing some articles in SS with Don as Editor. But now who knows? I went to quite a few cars shows this year and was surprised at the number of Pontiac owners who had not heard of POCI. So I asked for some pass out stuff and some one on the board I think said go to the nearest chapter and get some. What the hell? I dont know where the chapter is and I am not a member of a chapter but a member of POCI! So why in the hell cant POCI step to the window? Sorry I got off track. I hope the new guy does some articles about the Fiero Community. AND I hope he does some articles about the New Pontiacs.

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    Hmmm Kind of dead at this forum

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