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    Default Does Anyone Read These Posts ?

    I Hope and Pray some would read and spread the word.
    We have a member MIKE NIXON who needs some HELP !
    Mike Nixon is our Technical Adviser Coordinator and on the Board of Directors for POCI.
    He has donated countless hours of service to Our Club.

    As a Board of Director member for the Pontiac Oakland Club International I would like to bring your attention to a need.
    Last weekend I got a phone call from Don Keefe -Smoke Signals Editor.
    It was not good news.
    It concerned Mike Nixon our Tech Adviser Coordinator.
    Mike Nixon has served the Pontiac Community for many years now.
    He serves on the POCI Board of Directors (Great Lakes Division)
    Tech Adviser Coordinator, and Performance Years Forum Moderator and Adviser.

    Mike went in for some routine surgery and was found to have Stage 4 Colon Cancer which had spread to various other organs.
    He has been put in Hospice Care with less than 2 months to live prognosis.
    Mike is 47 years old and a single dad with 3 boys the oldest graduating high school last year.
    He is a self employed small business owner without life insurance.
    He has always looked out for others and does not want to leave his sons with any Medical Bills or Funeral Debt.

    I am looking to pass this information on so that your chapter and it's members have the opportunity to step up and help him out.
    He will be greatly missed by us all when he is gone. I truly hope we can show him how much we care while he is still here.

    Here are links to make donations :

    Pay Pal acct.

    Mail in Donations :

    Nixon Auto
    Attn: Mike
    3062w 550s
    Portland, IN 47371

    Facebook Connection:

    He can also use all the Prayers we can send his way!
    Please Spread The Word !
    Thank You for your considerations.
    God Bless.

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    Jim, thanks for the message
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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