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    Default Is this car accurate ?


    On a social network, these pictures turned up, and got my attention :

    Now, apparently this is a Canadian Model, Pontiac Safari Parisienne ? Is this true ? If yes, does anyone have more information on that model ?


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    Well, since the POCI-Magazine June/2014, I know where this car come's from ... ;-)

    Great work !

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    I believe this car to be a fake. It is clearly either a re-badged Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, Caprice Classic Wagon, or a Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon (I suspect its an Olds). Pontiac built its last Safari wagon in 1989. This car is clearly a '91-96 edition B-body wagon. There were no "Canada only" versions of this car, as the Parisienne name might suggest. Further, GM moved the Safari name from Pontiac to the GMC version of the Astro M-van. So the Safari named lived on as a GMC vehicle during this time period and not a Pontiac one. Also consider that Pontiac had stopped producing Rally II wheels back in early 1980s.

    Kudos to the person who built it on what a possible Parisienne Safari might look like off the Caprice/Roadmaster platform. I must admit, I like how it looks.

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    Check the VIN. If the third character is a "2" it's a Pontiac. HTH

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    this car is someone's idea and custom creation, pontiac did not build this car in either the states or canada.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I can shed some light on the subject.
    This car was built by a friend of mine in London, Ontario.
    He started with a Caprice and he created the trim, emblems and taillight lenses to create a "one of none" Parisenne Safari.
    The emblems were made with a 3D printer, then vacuum metallized.
    The grille is from a FWD Bonneville (not sure what year).
    Interior trim is a combination of Chevrolet and Buick components, with owner-manufactured seat trim covers.
    He did a GREAT job, in my opinion.

    Here is a link to his build threads on the GM longroof forum: (Most image links are not working)

    A LOT of work and thought went into this car.

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