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Thread: Dream '55

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    Default Dream '55 was REAR-ENDED!

    I have finally purchased my Dream Car. A 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Catalina. 79,000 miles, recent paint and interior. I just have to add a Vintage Air Mark IV A/C to it and get new trunk liners, floor mats, and rear seat belts. Car will be delivered on March 7.

    Odd feature was that the car was ordered 'radio delete'!

    We're also moving to a new house with my first garage, so the '55 and '66 Star Chiefs will be out of the elements. We may or may not let go of the '66; we'll decide after the move.

    My family was Pontiacs forever. Pictured is my uncle and grandmother in '59 at his HS graduation. They also had a '56 that my grandmother wrecked; the '55 replaced it. She had just gotten her license at age 40 in 1956.

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    Hi Tim,

    Congrats on purchasing the AWESOME 55...great color!


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    You need to write this up and get the photos to Don Keefe, it would be a great story for the SMOKE SIGNALS!
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Both of us were particularly fond of the turquoise on white color pattern.

    Once we've moved and life has settled down by April, I'll write it up. I'd like to get the AC installed first. The AC blower will displace a Kenwood cassette deck that we will replace with a CD player in the glove box.

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    Here are my pics after it was delivered:

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    The car is the shop having its issues addressed.

    1. Heater inoperative
    2. Speedometer cable broken
    3. Vacuum leak, weak wipers
    4. Nipple broken off washer reservoir vacuum
    5. Clock is in RI being restored to quartz
    6. New set of 4 turquoise seat belts on order
    7. Carburetor tweak/rebuild
    8. Clunky transmission adjusted and smoothed out
    9. New CD player and in dash speaker to be installed once I get it back
    10. May have a mark IV reproduction AC system installed as well

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    Got the car back 5/15 from a two month, $3000 overhaul and was off to my first cruise Friday when I got rear-ended by a Suburban or a Tahoe. The impact knocked me senseless but not out cold, and the keys out of the ignition. I wound up with whiplash, and a bruised right wrist, elbow, and shoulder. My wrist kept me from eating the steering wheel. This, three weeks after I wrecked my Passat when I WAS knocked out and still have vestiges of a concussion. My new Jetta also got a flat tire. I've had my three fingers of fate, so I should be safe now.

    This happened right in front of my wife's office where she is practice manager for an oral surgeon, and my physical therapist where I was going for the effects of the LAST accident before cruising. Both the PT and Doc where there helping before the ambulance came. That was the best part of the incident.

    Who knows how long this will take to fix. Main pieces are the trunk lid and two or three rear bumper sections.


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    My goodness ...

    Well, at least you didn't get injured too badly. This is the worst scenario that can happen to an old Pontiac. I hope that my '55 Starchief will never involved in a car accident.

    Good luck with your car.

    Ernest K.

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    Sorry about the wreck. Flesh and bone heals and metal can be mended.

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    Attachment 3083Attachment 3084Attachment 3085Attachment 3086Attachment 3087Attachment 3088Car is wrecked. In June I found another in MD that has had a frame on restoration. It has been back in my shop ever since having the tranny rebuilt, AC fixed, radio fixed, electricals fixed, ad nauseum. I hope to have it in the spring. Same model, restored to original specs,correct Fireside Gold on Mist White with correct Copper and White leather interior. Car has almost every option; PS, PB, AC, Carter 4bbl powerpack, etc.

    Here's the best news: it was hit by a TRUCK in the garage's parking lot. Front bumper and driver's fender and door. I can't win!

    Car cost $1000 less than the first one ($20K), but I've already $7000 into it. Much more correct car than the first, but my wife and I really liked the first color.


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