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    Default 1962 Bonneville Overheating

    I have been dealing with this issue since purchasing the car. When driving 15 miles on the interstate the car will overheat. I have installed a temp gauge and it will fo from 220 - 250 between miles 14 and 15 every time it is on the interstate driving between 70 and 80 mph. I have replaced the radiator with a new 3 row radiator, replaced the water pump with a new correct clockwise water pump and removed the thermostat I have also installed a new fan clutch. Turning on the heater does not help . Once off the interstate the temp starts dropping. I have run 4 bottles of radiator flush through the engine and the water comes out as clear as it went in. Any ideas?

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    do you have the correct pressure cap, does it have a shroud around the fan. also do you have the plate behind the waterpump. i have a 63 bonne which i am going from.

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    If the engine is original, it should have a 4 bolt water "plate" to worry about. Also I don't think there is such a thing as a reverse rotation water pump for these. You cannot go by the curves or whatever on the blades. Most people swear by the pumps with the cast impeller...not the stamped steel type impeller. Are you sure your temp gauge is accurate?


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    I have a 61 Catalina with factory AC and automatic. I also have a Desert Cooler 4 row radiator with 54 rows. I always thought mine was running hot by the gauges I put on, turns out the gauge runs 20 degrees hotter than the engine. Plus the red light never came on. My gauge shows 220 in the summer here in Fla, but if you put a laser heat gun on the radiator or the thermostat housing it only shows 195-200. Get a heat gun from Harbor Freight.

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    At that speed you don't even need a fan so you can eliminate the fan and shroud. It is a matter of the engine producing more heat than it should. Look for retarded timing, no vacuum advance or restricted exhaust system. Also you might want to check the temp with a quality guage. Like lilabner said maybe you don't have a problem.

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    Make sure your heat riser is open and works freely.

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    just a thought possible bad head gasket. i had your problem with a buick, 72 455. that was my problem.

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