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  1. Default GM and other shop manuals (IL)

    For sale: my collection of over 1,600 GM shop manual, Motors, Chiltons, Mitchell Repair books 1960-2000. All in good condition. Great money maker for young vendor. $3,500 you pick up. Rodney Brockman, 24862 Ridge, Elwood, IL 60421 (815)478-3633
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

  2. Default

    Hi Rodney.
    I just joined the poci forum and saw your post.
    I am in Australia and am a firebird Pontiac enthusiast. 67-68
    I was wondering if perhaps you have any literature- for 67-68 Pontiacs- that perhaps you would sell seperatly from your collection.

    I would be very interested..............

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