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    Default small parts interchange question...

    I am a new member.... own a '75 GrandVille Convertible, and am looking for a set of lens covers for the small courtesy lights located on the doorpost behind the drivers/passengers seat next to the front of the rear seats. They are an opaque color. Is it possible that Buick, Olds, and Caddy lights were the same units and will interchange? Is it also possible that previous years of the same cars used the same lights and lenses? I have found other parts such as fuel sending units, shocks,carpets, etc but seem to have some trouble locating these lenses.... any help would be appreciated.... respond to:

    Many Thanks

    UPDATE: Jan 27, 2014
    If you are looking for same..... contact: THE BUICK FARM PO Box 384
    Clayton, De. 19938
    phone: 302-698-7701

    no... I have no interest in the business.... just a user of the parts! Hope this helps.
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    Ron - It is my experience that sister divisions may also have the same light fixture. So Olds, Buick, and Cadillac are options. The Grandville convertible ran from 71-75, so these past model years are an option too. You might have some luck with the base model 71-72 Catalina convertible, its B-body sister car as well.

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    As luck would have it, I was looking thru EBAY parts for the grand Ville and found a brand new posting by a company in Delaware that is now making replacement lenses for this application and guarantee the fit. The EBAY # 271374816549 refers to the lenses.... I talked to them and ordered a set ( $ 39.99 !) and will report my findings after they arrive...... but this part becomes very brittle after a number of years and as such they are very fragile. NOTE: apparently they also are reported to fit other "B" body vehicles such as 70's LeSabre and Centurian, Delta 88's, and the Catalina and Bonnevilles. .You can contact me for more info on this product after I receive my order.....

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