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    Default looking for info on a 68 lemans

    i have a lead on a 68 lemans OHC 6 sprint with a 3 speed manual for sale.
    it is a 45,000 mile car,but was complety restored to better then new,still retains the oringal interior

    comes with a GTO hood and rear spoiler,plus an extra OHC engine.

    just wondering on the rarity and any idea of what it would be worth.
    he wants $22,500 for it.

    thanks for any info

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    the gto spoiler is on the car,hood is painted to match but not installed,still has factory hood on it.

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    What's a car worth? That's one of the questions we hear every day. None of us want to overpay, but then again the real question is why do I want the car in the first place? If your answer is "as an investment", stop right now and find a better place to invest money. Cars are the worst place to do that. A better question would be to take a close look at the car and find out what it "might" need both mechanically and cosmetically, subtract those from the asking price and make an offer. After all, the initial purchase price has nothing to do with the value. I bought a 66 GTO cheap for $4,000 and now have 30k in the car. I also own a 55 Chieftain that others may feel I overpaid for at $17,500. I love the car. It brings back memories and I have needed to do nothing but normal maintenance. If you like the car, go for it. The car is just metal, rubber and a little plastic. Those are all unimportant. What is important are the memories and the fun of the hobby.

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    the car would need nothing but a new home,and i never buy cars for an investment,i just buy to have and enjoy.

    we just like odd ball stuff,but odd does not always equal valuable,so just trying to figure out the price is way inflated or not.

    i know OHC cam 68s are fairly rare,i was told less then 1000 were made in Lemans,so just trying to see if that info is correct.

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