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    Default 66 gp does not start with key

    Car does not start with key. I only hear a slight electrical contact, not even engaging the solenoid. This is also a high performance starter. This car has been starting fine for years. My amp meter gauge is pinned on D. I use a remote starter switch to start the car. If I turn the key on, CAR RUNNING, smoke comes up through the dash. When I put a voltmeter on the amp contacts I get 15v when running, or off 13.5v. As soon as I turn the key to the run position, "engine running," it drops to about 8v. Where could this short be. I changed out the ignition switch, still no start.
    Thanks, Richie

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    Worked on her today, I left wire harness off of the alternator when I worked on the PS pump. Starts from the key now, but the amp gauge must be fried because it's still pinned on Discharge.

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    Thank you Jeff. I found the problem. Stupid me forgot the other wire to the alternator, see my post. I had the dash apart. GRRRRRRRRRR.

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    I installed a ball joint over the summer and fixed the P/S pump. Forgot I had worked on the pump, so I never checked why the car didn't start months later. Things get to busy and we forget. I remember the amp probe meter change even putting the signals on, like you say, it shows every little thing going on.

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