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    Default 1962 8 Lug Torque Spec

    I believe the torque spec for the wheel to drum cap nuts is 45 lb. ft. Is this true? Thanks!

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    From Rick Goser POCI Tech Advisor:
    My extensive personal experience leads me to believe that 45 ft lbs is too much. One of the many
    problems with 8-lugs are the holes broached into the aluminum drums for the lug nuts. Since the
    drum material is thinner and weaker, it's not uncommon to shear the lug serations by over-torquing
    them. On my cars, I always install them as follows:

    Drums to axle shafts - 70 ft lbs
    Wheels to drums - 37 ft lbs *

    * Snap-On adjustable click-type torque wrench set to 38 ft lbs. Since it's a 4% wrench, it's doubtful I'll exceed 40 ft lbs...

    Note #1 - Both sets of nuts are torqued in a "cross" or "star" pattern...
    Note #2 - All nuts are stainless steel and lubricated...
    Note #3 - I never use an impact wrench for final torque...
    Note #4 - All trim rings are installed by hand...
    Note #4 - All center caps are installed very carefully using a rubber mallet...
    Note #6 - I no longer take corners at high speeds with an 8-lug equipped vehicle. After pulling
    the center out of a front, I see why they were banned by NASCAR...

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