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    Default Turn Signals & Brake Lamps Don't Work

    My turn signals and brake lamps suddenly don't work on my 64 Catalina. The lights come on with the head lamps so I know the bulbs are fine. The turn signal indicators on the dash stopped working at the same time. Any ideas?

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    I tried replacing the brake lamp switch but it did not make a difference. I had already checked the fuse but decided to pull it out and put it back in. The lights then started working but later the same day they stopped (I drove the car about 15 miles). The fuse is fine, switch works,m bulbs work...any ideas?

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    I tried get the lights working again by pulling and replacing the fuse but it did not work a second time.

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    First just because the tail lights work doesn't mean the bulbs are good for brake lights. The bulbs have 2 filiments. One for tail lights and another for brake/directionals. But that doesn't sound like your problem. Have you checked for voltage at the input side of the fuse? Output side? If you have voltage in both places check at the brake light switch. Voltage on input side? push on brakes and check on output side. did you have voltage both times? If so check for voltage at directional light switch. If voltage is present check to see if you have voltage out to brake lights 2 different wires. Right and left lights. If voltage comes in but not out directional switch is defective. Disassemble and clean contacts. If that doesnt work replace switch.

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    Hi BOBW,
    I did check the bulbs and the voltage to the switch. I replaced the switch with a new one from Ames, but it made no difference. Thank you for the leads, I will let you know how I make out.

    - Frank

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    If everything else checks out just remember that they all go through the directional switch.

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    i had that prob. with my 63 bonne. the directional switch that is screwed to the steering column was dirty. take apart and clean. be careful because there is very small springs inside.

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    The switch did turn out to be bad, but I also found a short in the wiring which is now repaired.

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