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  1. Default Question for Business Coupe Owners....

    Hello all; my 1940 Business Coupe straight 8 has a wooden shelf in trunk that extends three feet or so into the trunk from the rear bumper. Is that plywood shelf original to the car? I am told that business coupes came from the factory that way. Some photos in body manual tend to confirm the presence of a plywood shelf. Correct? If so, what might the purpose of that shelf be? One can't easily reach in for an item that may be stored there. Perhaps for a bumper jack? Mine has none. I am an originality nut, so this is important to me.

    Thanks - Bob in El Paso, TX

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    Default Business Coupe Trunk

    Dear Bob in El Paso,
    Yes your 1940 Pontiac should have the shelf.
    I have included a picture of my 1941 Business coupes trunk for comparison.
    The purpose of the shelf was to store the spare tire under it with jack and tools.
    There is a clamp to hold the spare tire secure to the floor from the side which you will find on your floor too.
    Your clamp might be gone but the bolt hole recessed into the floor is there for it.
    The reason they did this was in case of a breakdown you would not have to unload the whole trunk to get to the spare tire.
    Remember it is a Business Coupe's purpose was to peddle wares from this type car for a salesman.
    The trunks were larger giving up a backseat for family.

  3. Default

    Thanks for the reply. It's good to see Forums work. I understand the shelf's purpose to house the spare tire, but my shelf sits only five inches off the floor, making it unusable for a spare. My spare sits in space behind the passenger in the curtained area obviously designed for the spare tire. Body manual also shows the jack is stored there. Another question on business coupes..... would the interior typically have rubber flooring as opposed to carpet?

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