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Thread: 31 Lug Bolts

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    Default 31 Lug Bolts

    I'm trying to remove two damaged lug bolts / studs from the hub on my Coupe.
    Having a fair amount of trouble accomplishing this mission.
    Tried to press them out on a hydraulic press, no luck.
    Didn't press too hard, didn't want to break the hub.
    Anybody have a good suggestion as to how to do this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Removing studs

    Can you supply me with a couple of pictures one front side and one back side so I might see what your issue might be?
    I'm happy to suggest but really want to see your problem so not to ill advise.

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    Hopefully the pics are attached.

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    JP, sent the pics back to the Forum site.

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    I see nothing from your pictures that should cause a problem other than being stubborn. Your pictures show everything very well.
    I would suggest using heat around where the stud goes through the hub and trying to press out again with an old deep well socket used for pressing surface against the hub so not to bend anything.
    This will also work as a catch basin for the stud when it comes out. Just be sure the socket is large enough to have the stud go inside of.
    Hope this helped .
    Good Luck.

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