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  1. Default Sold! 1968 Firebird/Camaro Convertible C ocktail Shakers / Vibration Dampners

    Sorry guys, can't figure out how to delete this post, but I sold the two rear shakers. The front one is still available as of May 7, 2013. Thanks!

    Very hard to find convertible vibration dampners also called C ocktail Shakers for a 1968 Firebird. Located in the trunk corners and behind the front head lights on convertibles only. No company makes aftermarket replacements for these parts so you must have the originals. These are for a 68 Firebird but I believe they might fit a 69 as well as 68 and 69 Camaro, I'll leave that up to you to confirm. They have been sand blasted and primered. I will consider splitting them up I have both rears and one of the fronts (left/ driver side). All had rust corrosion pitting before sand blasting and the single front has a leak behind one of the mounting brackets that can be repaired by an experienced welder, but as I said before these are very hard to find.

    $350 for the pair of rears, $100 for the single front.
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