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Thread: 1989 tta

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    Default 1989 tta

    Any info you have regarding a 1989 TTA "Indy Special" would be appreciated. My friend has just pUrchased one...a real " barn find"! It has been stored under cover since 1989, has 950 miles on it, leather interior (i believe) and looks like new on the inside. The car has a 3.8 liter engine...everything is original. His understanding is that the first 3 cars were driven on the track and the rest of the 100 built were designated to specific people to use for parades. The designated drivers were numbered and the number was placed behind the front license plate. This particular car was # 8. Can anyone substantiate this information for me? My friend is going to sell the car. I have offered to place it for sale in our Pontiac magazine. I have been a member since 1983. GARY VILLET

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    You might have better luck contacting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. They keep records of the pace cars and parade/VIP cars used every year.

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