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    Default '58 Heater/Blower to vent connection

    I recently purchased a replacement blower motor and cage for my '58 and am working to put that back in the car. When I got the car, it was not installed so I was not the one that removed it and think I may be missing parts.

    Basically I'm trying to figure out what goes between the blower motor housing and the vent/input that is under the passenger fender. The blower motor housing seems significantly smaller than the vent piece (right before the vacuum activated flapper valve). Was there a rubber donut or something that adapts the two?

    And my vacuum actuator is leaking. Any suggestions on where to get another one?


    '58 Pontiac Chieftain Safari 9 passenger wagon
    '66 Pontiac Bonneville 9 passenger wagon (421, Tripower, 4 spd)
    '64 Lemans Coupe
    '67 GTO Convertible 4spd
    '67 Lemans Convertible 4spd
    '67 Pontiac Tempest 6 passenger wagon
    '69 Catalina Wagon

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    1957s with a similar setup had a rubber sleeve to connect the two which is available at This diagram may help ID the part, good luck,

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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