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    Default Seatbelt for backseats ?


    Since our baby is born, I would like to take her and my wife sometimes in our 1955 Starchief for a ride. Unfortunately the car doesn't have any seatbelts whatsoever. For safety reason I would like to know if there is a possibility to add a seatbelt in the back of the car ... only one, for the child. Did Pontiac preview some attachment points or do I have to drill some holes in the body/frame ?

    Thanks for any help.


    Ernest K.

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    Default Doesn't look like anyone answers some of the questions.

    Hopefully you have yours installed by now.

    I was looking for same info before going out to add rear seat belts to ours today.

    Figured your question might also have an answer of what is required when removing the rear seat.

    Time to go look and see. Maybe it is like our 66 rear seat with just a push back and pull up.


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    On a 57 4 door Pontiac there are no anchor points for the seat belts but it was easy enough to find places for them.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.

    And the rear seats on the 57 just lift up and slide out.

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    I am in the midst of restoring 57 Safari Chieftain and want to be able to safely carry my 2 yr old grandson. Though seat belts are in the picture my plan in to install lower LATCH anchors like you would find in a new car in the center of the 2nd row seating. If you're otherwise not planning seat belts I would think this might be an elegant solution.

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