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  1. Default Instrument Lights voltage is too low

    Symptom: instrument lights do not light up. 7.5-8 VDC is voltage output coming from the headlamp switch.

    Easy conventional fix: replace head lamp switch as rheostat could be bad.

    Result: Made no difference. Still 7.5-8 VDC voltage. I figured that must be the "normal" reading.

    But all the wiring seems to be OK. The 7.5-8 VDC is getting through the fuse panel and wiring to the individual instrument lights.

    What I've finally decided is that 7.5-8 volts is not enough voltage to light these bulbs. (duh.)

    So, does a "modern" replacement headlamp switch have a built-in dropping resistor because "modern" instrument lights are LED and don't need 12 VDC? Or do I have some other problem that is not readily apparent?

  2. Default

    I've discovered that a "modern" replacement headlight switch does not have the correct connections for my 67 GTO. For one thing, the front parking lights never come on, so that lug on the switch does not get power when it should. That makes me wonder about my original problem.

    I'm going to order the headlight switch listed for this car by Ames. Hopefully, that will solve my problems.

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