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Thread: motor

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    Default motor

    I have installed a 455 built engine puting out 500hp. All new everything just so you understand. Installed a Street Fire MSD ignition onto an Accel HEI distributor, Holley 870 headers etc... I cannot start the motor and she will not even sputter or pop like she wants to start. I cannot get a spark at all and yes have gone over the wiring over and over. Actually pretty simple setup and still no spark. Any suggestions...

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    Sounds like defective MSD or distributor - wiring may be correct as to hookup diagram, but defective equipment. Have you resolved the issue yet?


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    Could you have the distributor installed 180 degrees out? Are you getting fuel to the carb? Have you verified that you are getting spark to the plugs? Those are the first things I might check after the MSD box.

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