2013 POINTS-JUDGED Car Show Inside Parking Lottery
Wright State University – Fairborn, Ohio

• Wright State’s Ervin I. Nutter Center inside parking car selection will be determined though a lottery.
• All entrants must have previously been awarded at least a POCI Points-Judged Gold award
• Popular-Vote or Road Warrior cars are not eligible for indoor parking at the Dayton event
• Entrants are responsible for submitting their 2013 POCI-GTOAA Co-Vention Registration Form on or before 1/1/2013
• All winning entrants are subject to validation/verification by the POCI Car Show Committee
• The indoor parking fee is $100, in addition to the standard Points-Judged fee
• There will be seventy-five (75) spaces available for POCI cars on the Arena main floor
• Must enter the Arena NLT Wednesday, July 10
• Cars will be released f rom the Arena Sunday morning, July 14th

Rick Gonser
POCI Car Show Chair