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    Default 1957 Starchiefd convertible colors

    I was told by a perrson who has restrored a few 57 convertibles that the 57 Starchief convertible was not available in kenya ivory. Am I right to assume that this is wrong because there are several paint codes of kenya ivory with several other colors, and we know that most Bonnevilles were only Kenya ivory and tartin red arrow.

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    I believe that you are "right to assume that this is wrong". The '57 Bonneville is a Star Chief convertible model and most '57 Bonnevilles were produced in Kenya Ivory with red or Fontaine Blue spear. I think the red spear was Bonneville Red, not Tartin Red.

    The standard (non Bonneville) Star Chief convertible may not have been offered with Kenya Ivory as a "standard" color, I don't have the standard color/model charts for 1957 (I have 55 and 56). But that would not mean that no standard Star Chief convertibles were produced with Kenya Ivory. Any Pontiac could be special ordered with non-standard colors and on one knows what non-standard colors were ordered and produced.
    Larry Gorden, POCI 1956 Tech Adviser

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