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    Default POCI Convention Drag Racing Event

    Just received my October 2012 issue of "Smoke Signals" and noticed it is the second publication since the convention held in Illinois and there is no coverage of the drag race event.

    Also read the "president's message" and noticed the comments in reference to discussing wether or not to have a drag race. I noticed Mr. Mayes has made several positive comments in reference about the cars at the convention center itself. He also commented on owners of 1920 -1940 cars and trying to rectify their negative feelings about the club.

    The racer's that are members of POCI are important members as well. These members have proudly helped preserve Pontiac's performance heritage.

    I understand that it may not be "fiscally responsible" to have races at all conventions, but the ones that are scheduled should have more promoting. The POCI had a race this year, but there was no promoting. Why was it not promoted? Why did staff at the convention not know anything about the event? There was no information.

    I asked what time the races were starting at Byron and was told "all day." I asked several people. I got the same reply. Showed up at 9a.m. and found out the gates did not open until noon. There was literally only a handful of cars at the event. I did not see any promoting of the race in "Smoke Signals" or any sources prior to the convention.

    What was the cost of the Byron facility? Was it too expensive? Did it seriously cut in to the club's budget for the convention? I would really like to know.

    I feel the participants at the race should be given a little recognition. The last two "Smoke Signals" have given no coverage. Even if it was a column that gave the participants names/winners/etc. it would be better than nothing.

    I personally have a broad interest in the Pontiac hobby. Many of my friends that are members of POCI have a very broad interest as well. We own everything from an original 1937 6 4-dr, 1961 Catalina, 1962 Catalina drag car, 1963 A/FX Tempest, 1967 Catalina, 1968 1/2 GTO,1969 Firebird 400, 1971 GT-37, 1974 SD-455, 1979 Grand Prix, 1980 Bonneville, Trans Am and a 30th Anniversary Trans Am.

    The racing community is more important than you give it credit. They are valuable members too.

    Hopefully if races are held in the future, they will be given more priority.

    Thank you
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