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    Default timing settings for 1931 six


    I have changed my heads and replaced the points, condenser, rotor and cap. I have the points set at .022 I have twisted the distributor but not lifted it out of gear mesh. Where should I start for timing and how to I change settings. I have an old but working timing light and dwell meter.


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    On the left side of the engine, on the flywheel housing above the starter there is a round plug (about 2" in diameter). If you remove this plug (it just pulls out) you will see a round pointer and the flywheel. The timing marks for ignition and valve timing can be seen when the flywheel is in the proper position.
    It is possible to set the timing without a timing light. You would remove # 1 sparkplug, turn the engine over with the crank untill you feel compression. Then looking at the flywheel turn the engine slowly until the pointer is at TDC. If you then turn the distributor so that the points are just starting to open your engine will run fairly well. When it is warmed up you can move the distributor a small amount either way until the engine runs smoothest.
    If you use your timing light you just point it into the hole and move the distributor until the proper line shows up by the pointer.
    When you locate the marks you might consider wiping them clean and applying some white paint and then wiping it off so that it only remains in the lines.
    These are not the hardest timing marks I have ever seen but almost.

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    Tinindian is correct with his advice. I will add a couple of tips I have used to set the timing of my 32. I bought a cork that fits in the spark plug hole and pull the #1 plug out and put the cork in. I hand crank the engine and when the cork pops I know I am on compression stroke. Then line up the timing mark on the flywheel. Replace the plug. I use a multimeter and measure resistance across the points and rotate the distributer until the resistance goes off 0 meaning the points just opened. The engine should start easily once timed too his point and you can then fine tune with the timing light. Hope this helps.

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