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    Default 56-57-58 rear bearings and seals

    I need to replace the rear wheel bearings on my 57 starchief. the original bearings have a groove in the O.D. of the bearing with an "O" ring in it. The new bearings I have been given (Timken 514003 ) do not have a groove in them, but have double seals. What will prevent oil from seaping out between the bearing O.D. and the axle housing? Can I use a sealant? If so what kind? Or, do I hve to try to get N.O.S. bearings?

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    I ran into that problem when I ordered an axle bearing from AutoZone. It seemed reasonably priced but I sent it back for just that reason. I sucked it up and ordered a bearing from California Pontiac Restoration. It was around $55 but had the seal groove and was a sealed bearing and that cured my leaking axle problem. Hope this helps, Tim

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