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    Default White sidewall plastic discs accessory

    I was reading through my original 1948 owner's manual last night and came across something I had never heard of or seen before. Hoping someone can shed some light.
    In the list of approved Pontiac accessories in the back of the owner's manual is included "White Sidewall Plastic Discs." I assume they are something that fits over the black wall tires to make it look like you have white wall tires. I wonder how they stayed on the wheel. Has anyone ever seen them?
    Has anyone ever seen these at swap meets or for sale anywhere?


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    They were a plastic disc that was held in place by the accessory trim rings. They were real common on Chrysler's. They had a real short life, because if you ran the tire flat,or banged on a curb, the plastic broke up. Back then there was a real reason you had a full sized spare. They were originally made because the tire companies had all they could do to just run the black tires, which were far, far, more common that white walls, unlike you might imagine from advertising pictures, and current shows. Even on new cars as late as 1957, white wall tires cost extra money. Another item, still available, by the way, were PORTAWALLS. These were rubber fake white walls that were installed between the bead of the tire, and the rim. I have never had success with these using tubeless tires. They took more wear and tear than the hard plastic ones, but they were not immune to curbs, either. You had to understand exactly how to install portawalls, or they would flap in the breeze. If installed properly, they were indistinguishable from real whitewalls, at far less cost, until you got up close enough to examine them.

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    Thanks for that info 50scars. It is very interesting. I'll need to keep a look out for them at swap meets. They would be a neat item to have even if I don't run them on the car. I know what you are saying about white wall vs. black wall. I'm showing my age but I remember buying tires and the sales guy would ask if I wanted white walls. I could never afford them since they did cost more. They were for "rich folks". I also remember the first time I bought tires and the salesman asked if I wanted the white walls in or out. It was the same price either way so then I started running white wall tires. People thought I was a rich guy. Then I had second thoughts when I tried to keep them clean. I suppose if I was truely rich I would have hired someone to clean them for me.


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    Just found a set at, about $80.00, new. If nothing else you might go there just to see the history of them. I remember them. Also worked one winter for a guy who drove to auto dealers, removed blackwall tires and Baked whitewall into or on them.

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    I was looking through my most recent Hemmings Classic Car magazine and low and behold I saw an advertisement from the Lucas Tire Company and they have "Portawalls." This is the first time I have seen them advertised. The web site is if any one is interested. (This is not an endorsement, just a piece of info I pass on.)


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    I just got an email from Lucas tire and they said their portawalls are the same ones on the above web site,

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