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Thread: Dual fans

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    Default Dual fans

    what would be the easiest and safest way to install(wire) a dual fan setup on radiator? It is going on a '69 Custom "S"...thank you

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    Why use electric fans? My experience is a good clutch fan and a properly flowing standard radiator works great. My 70 Bonneville 455 runs a steady 180-185 in traffic or on the highway with the A/C on. My 72 Cutlass 350 runs the same. I have friends who installed electric fans with mixed results. One friend had a real nice 1971 454 Corvette with electric fans that never cooled properly and with the extra electrical draw from the fans, his alternator couldn't keep up and he had to upgrade his charging system.

    Maybe the electric fans save a couple horsepower, but I don't know.

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