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Thread: Lessons Learned

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    Default Lessons Learned

    Overall a good job – it isn’t easy hosting a convention and one this large is even more difficult.

    I have a few observations from the convention in hopes of improving future conventions. I have been to several POCI & GTOAA conventions, was a worker bee at one POCI convention and was a committee chairman at a GTOAA convention, so I do know of some of the difficulties in planning, running, and paying for one of these.

    1. Road Warriors. This is a great idea for those who love driving their cars and who want to come to conventions but don’t care about the awards. Unfortunately, on the day of the show, their parking location, while beautiful and big enough for the entire showfield (PV, Points Judged, & Road Warriors), was so far removed from the rest of the show that they felt like outsiders. This also was compounded because you could not even see their cars from the PV show field. I commend whoever decided to start running a golf cart out there because it was even more difficult for those who are not as young as they once were…and I know of a few Road Warriors who did not park with the other Road Warriors because of this.
    2. Local Pontiac Show. While I understand the desire to allow local Pontiac owners to have a secure parking area while checking out the POCI Convention, I am not a fan of providing them closer parking than registered POCI members…such as the Road Warriors. The location that was provided for the “local show” was big enough for the Road Warriors (or even the swap meet vendors in the far area). Any local “show” within the convention needs to be given the lowest priority.
    3. Driving Events were not good. Road construction sucks and I understand that it isn’t the club’s fault. I just wonder if there is a way to find out from the local government when projects were to start/finish. If this were to happen, it may be one qualifier in selecting where to hold a convention. Also, while a perfect location for a show, St. Charles is too far away from any drag strip, a growing interest in convention-goers. This year’s drags were very lightly attended due to the distance, and of course, the cruises were hampered by road construction. St. Charles may have been the best compromise, but it is certainly worth looking into these factors when selecting a location.
    4. Awards Ceremony. Good job in trying to keep it as short as possible, but I believe the Points Judged awards went too fast for the folks running the computers, and it was not as well organized as it could have been. Two computers running two projectors gives you the opportunity to be out of sync with one another, let alone with the announcer. One computer with two video drivers would be better and planning/practice once or twice, would help (also having excellent computer techs is important). Overall, I think it would be good to post the color of the car as well as the owner. Since most people don’t know everyone, it would help folks know which cars won. A picture would be even better, but I know that is a difficult thing to do…and when you get it wrong, everyone is upset… Lastly, you may want to have separate areas for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners to pick up their awards to hold down on the traffic jam.

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    I would have to agree with you on the "Road Warriors" in reference to their parking provisions. These guys and gals are all big supporters of the Pontiac hobby. Very happy to see all these "drivers" at the event. Some very cool Pontiacs!

    Would also like to see more support for the drag racers and the POCI drag event. This could be a big part of the POCI convention. I was suprised at the lack of information on the event at Byron. Byron is a very nice racetrack facility too.

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