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  1. Default Fuel Pump - 1949 Straight 8

    I confirmed this weekend that I have a bad fuel pump. It seems as though my best option is to send mine into Kanter and have them rebuild my original pump. What are my other options if I want to maintain the mechanical pump? Rebuild kits don't appear to be available.

    Thank you,

    Last edited by koachwerks; December 14th, 2011 at 16:48. Reason: Changed from water pump to fuel pump.

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    I got one from e-bay for around 25.00 i think. It was about two years ago. fOR My 1950 catalina straight 8.


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    Is it a fuel pump or a water pump? There are lots of places in Hemmings that advertise rebuilt fuel pumps. I just use an electric in my 51, totally bypass the mechanical one, but keep the mechaincal one for the vacuum lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 50scars View Post
    Is it a fuel pump or a water pump? There are lots of places in Hemmings that advertise rebuilt fuel pumps. I just use an electric in my 51, totally bypass the mechanical one, but keep the mechaincal one for the vacuum lines.
    50scars - Sorry, meant to say fuel pump. I would like to keep the car as stock as possible and will keep searching for a rebuild kit. I did see a place on ebay that sold a kit a while back. I'll investigate further after the new year and will let you know.



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    I was able to find a fuel pump rebuild kit in Duluth, MN at a place called Jackson's Oldtime Parts. For some reason kits to rebuild the combo fuel and vacuum pumps are hard to find.

    I now have the pump rebuilt and installed. Next I need to make a new fuel line between the pump and the carb. Once I'm satisfied that the pump is in good working order I'll pull the carb off and rebuild it.



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    I got a rebuilt fuel pump from Kanter back in Nov. 2011. I finally got it on my '48 straight 8 in Jan. 2012 and it ran fine for awhile then suddenly stopped working. I checked everything else except the fuel pump because I knew it was recently rebuilt. Finally I narrowed it down and found that it was the fuel pump. I called Kanter and they said to send it back as it was still under warranty. I just received it back from Kanter today. They said a clip had fallen off and allowed a pin to drop off inside. Put it on the car tonight and it is working perfectly. Kanter is a good company. The pump you send in will not necessarily be the one you get back but it will be the correct one for your car. They do this type of thing all the time. I was at first considering buying a kit and doing it myself but after reading and looking at the info in a book I thought it to be above my skill level and better left to the experts.

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    Glad to hear they stood behind their work. What was the cost to have them rebuild the pump?


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    The fuel pump I bought cost around $130.00. If you do not send in your old pump they charge you another 60 some dollars. I sent my old pump at the time I ordered the rebuilt one so I didn't have to lay out any extra cash. Kanter has a web sight that will give you all the info. The customer service department was very helpful. I have called them several times with questions about other things. Make sure you ask for the parts department and tell them exactly what you want to do. There are a couple different buildings with different departments and they transfered me to the wrong place once. They may answer the phone with "Packard Parts" but it is Kanter also. I would talk to someone there before I just sent it. They can tell you exactly how much it will be with tax, shipping, etc.
    Good luck,

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    Thanks for the info. Since I was able to get my hands on a kit I rebuilt the pump myself, but it's good to know there are a few places out there that will rebuild them.


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    On Saturday my father and I installed a new fuel line and fired the car up. Yay! I successfully rebuilt my fuel pump!

    However, on Sunday morning I went out to the garage and started the car up again... It ran for about a minute, then died. I was unable to start the car again.

    I am hoping the float in the carb is sticking in the up position, preventing fuel from being delivered. I have a carb kit, but will first verify that the fuel pump does indeed still work before I pull off the carb and rebuild it.

    Stay tuned... I'll get this thing figured out eventually.


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