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    Default 93 Bonneville Turn Signal Switch Replacement

    Can disconnecting the battery allow the steering wheel air bag to be removed to gain access to the turn signal switch? If not, what is the correct procedure?

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    according to my FSM, the DERM (whatever that is!) can maintain sufficient voltage to cause a deployment for up to 10 minutes after the ignition switch is turned off, the battery is disconnected or the fuse powering the DERM is removed. This is because it must be able to maintain an energy supply to provide deployment energy if ignition voltage is lost in a frontal crash.

    I have removed the steering wheel airbag on my car (when I had to service the steering wheel radio controls) and what I did was disconnect the battery (both negative and positive), then ground the positive battery connector, and wait 15 minutes.

    There is also a yellow connector at the base of the steering column, the FSM says if you disconnect that, you can work on the airbag right away, of course if you also have a passenger side airbag you would have to find and disconnect the connector for it as well, but I would just wait the 15 minutes and leave the connectors alone.
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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