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    Default 1973 Nose Bird location on the front bumper

    On the internet there is a document showing graphics locations for the Trans Am. Page 1 of 2 shows the nose bird option on the 1973 Trans Am as being .32 of an inch from the top back edge of the front bumper. The 2nd page shows the distance as being .38 of an inch. Does anyone know what the correct distance is.


    Erik Fleischner

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    Erik, I'm not showing any locations in reference books. Perhaps, you might try contacting the folks at Stencils and Stripes to see if they have the correct reference as to where the decal should be placed. You might also try the forum on performance years site or even Ames Performance technical help. Good luck with your search and I hope this helps a little.
    John Froehle
    Firebird & T/A Chapter POCI

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    According to the '73 Assembly Manual the bird is .32 on the hood and .38 on the rear spoiler...

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