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Thread: Brake Help

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    Default Brake Help

    Just checking to see if anyone on here has ACTUALLY, PHYSICALLY replaced the brakes on a '61-63 Tempest/Lemans. If so, where did you get your brake parts? I have a 1963 Lemans convertible with power brakes. I need brake shoes all around and two rear wheel cylinders or rebuild kits. Bought some off of ebay, of course they were the wrong ones, called the seller and they said the shoes I bought were for the '65-'70 Lemans. Mind you that these parts were listed on ebay under "1963 Pontiac Lemans" exact fit, be careful what you buy off ebay. Kanter has some "Master Kit" for the brakes, no idea if shoes even comes with that. Ames sells shoes for $72 plus $65 core charge, on their web site it's confusing because they show the front and rear shoes as the same (they aren't, are they?) At any rate, somewhere in the $300 range to get that ball rolling. I guess what I am getting at is that I have bought four complete brake shoe sets and wasted many hours of my time, general aggravation and many dollars in gas, shipping etc. Surely someone reading this rambling, bordering on insane post has the answers that I seek. Thank you.......
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    Front & rear shoes are the same for all models of 61-63 Tempest/LeMans cars. Most all brake parts are available from Kanter or Ames. Ames now has a cataloge specifically for the 61-63 cars. Master & wheel cylinder rebuld kits are still available from NAPA. When I need shoes, I take mine to a local industrial brake shop (heavy duty truck) & have them relined. I have the shoes bonded on instead of rivited. You get a lot more wear out of the shoes. Rivited shoes, when worn will damage the drums when the rivits start wearing into the drums. So bonded is the way to go. If I can help in any way, call me. 602-315-8602

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    Thanks a lot Keith! I just ordered my parts through Kanter. Their Master kit is 166.00 (65.00 per axle core charge) comes with shoes and hardware, brake line and wheel cylinder rebuild kit for each wheel. I went to the Centric Brakes website and they show that they still produce the shoes for this car (part#111.01930) but they have not responded to my emails, and I can't find them anywhere on the internet. Again thank you very much.

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