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Thread: 1970 GTO parts

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    Default 1970 GTO parts

    Some additional parts I just came across. Two rallye clocks (one ground strap), nice plastic faces; remote driver's mirror (not perfect) complete with inside trim, etc. - works perfectly. Pictures available to interested parties. Windshield wiper/washer switch with knob and mounting bracket; cigar lighter housing with light housing; chrome parking light trim and one restorable metal housing; two parking light lenses - cloudy but may cleanup OK for driver; one passenger side parking light valance filler piece; two beautiful chrome rear ashtray doors/trim; firewall plastic wire tray/retainer piece about 10 inches long - mounts with two screws; 3 sets of the stainless wire roof shoulder belt retainers w/screws; one dark blue plastic cover for the rear view mirror mount - holds the sunvisor ends; one driver's side rear window (hardtop) guide that assures the window doesn't rattle and retracts/emerges correctly - about six inches long and a somewhat banana shape - rubber over metal frame with two clips to hold to body sheetmetal; one plastic relay cover; A/C control head - nice plastic face, one knob, two missing - also vacuum hose assembly for this unit; one plastic vacuum reserve tank - mounts in the passenger side fender frontal area - used with the A/C heater controls;. Other stuff - inquire.

    Offers requested - don't really know what to ask(?)

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